Bluehost VPS Review: Why Use VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting?

If you are looking for the honest and most unbiased Bluehost VPS review, this page satisfies all your answers.

Setting up a WordPress blog is really easy. It won’t take you even 5 minutes to set up your first blog. But the only problem is to make your site faster.

So how do you make your site loading time really fast?

The simple answer is: use VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS is known as Virtual Private Server. A VPS allows you to run your websites independently that is you don’t have to share your server with anyone else unlike shared hosting servers.

VPS also allows you to install any compatible application of your choice by enabling the root access to the VPS servers.

Why should you go for VPS hosting over shared WordPress hosting?

So why should you consider using a VPS hosting service for your WordPress sites instead of using shared WordPress hosting. It’s a valid question.

Let me clarify it in simple terms. VPS hosting servers use a “dedicated hosting environment” within a shared hosting server. That means, you get separate and exclusive servers for your WordPress sites.

So even if you get massive traffic to your sites because of dedicated server allocation, your sites won’t crash. This won’t happen when you use shared hosting. Normally shared hosting sites crash and face a lot of downtime issues if they get more traffic.

To put it simply, here are 3 major advantages of VPS hosting over shared hosting.

  1. More website speed
  2. More control over your sites
  3. More reliability and less downtime issues

Which is the best VPS hosting for WordPress sites?

To be honest, there are many companies providing VPS hosting for WordPress users. SiteGround, Media Temple, WP Engine, Just Host (review of Bluehost Vs Just Host is here) are to name a few who are also offering top notch VPS hosting services. But the only drawback is all of their hosting packages come at a huge price.

This is where Bluehost VPS comes into play. They are not only providing VPS hosting at an affordable price range but they are good enough to make your site loading times faster.

Let’s now talk about Bluehost VPS review and see what can it offers you to build a powerful and super fast WordPress website. Are you ready? Let’s dive into the details.

Bluehost VPS review 2017

bluehost vps review

Bluehost VPS uses cutting edge software

In the Bluehost VPS standard pack (costs you $29.99 per month), you will 2 CPU cores, 30 GB SAN storage and 2GB RAM with the bandwidth of 1 Terabyte. You can upgrade any time with their VPS plans as your websites grow. You will get total control including their advanced software to customize your sites however you want.

They use advanced technology and open sources like OpenStack and KVM to run your sites really faster with their powerful servers.

And the best part is, it usually takes hours or days to activate VPS hosting on your sites but with Bluehost you can use your servers the moment you sign up for them.

Bluehost VPS is known for its speed

So why do you need fast loading website?

There are two major reasons.

  • One: page speed is a ranking factor in Google algorithms
  • Two: website sales go down if your site takes more than 3 – 4 seconds

By having a fast website, you are not only bringing more traffic from Google but your sales will skyrocket. But the problem with majority of the WordPress sites is that they use shared hosting. That means, if they get massive traffic all of a sudden, they will face downtime issues and frequent slow loading web pages.

The only way to avoid that and make your site loading time faster is to use blazing fast VPS servers to run your sites so no matter what your website traffic level is, it runs smoother and faster.

Bluehost VPS uses advanced cloud technologies so your website loads really faster and gives your readers a better experience while skimming through your web pages.

Top notch award winning support staff

Bluehost is known for its customer support. It’s been in the web hosting industry over 2 decades and they know how to treat their customers and solve their web hosting related problems.

Bluehost support staff is there for you 24/7/365 via Telephone, Live Chat, Email to assist with any questions you may have regarding your web hosting issues.

What about the pricing of Bluehost VPS?

Bluehost  VPS hosting has 4 pricing packages.

  1. Standard
  2. Enhanced
  3. Premium
  4. Ultimate

Now, let us talk about all these pricing packages in detail so you can easily decide which one should you go for.

Standard VPS hosting: This is the basic pack that comes with Bluehost VPS which costs you $29.99 per month.

Click this link to get Bluehost standard VPS at just $14.99 (save $15)

Enhanced hosting: This is the most popular and widely used Bluehost VPS hosting pricing packages. You get more power, speed, RAM and bandwidth when compared with the Standard VPS Bluehost pack. Also you get 2 ip address to run your websites better.

Click this link to get Bluehost Enhanced VPS at just $29.99 (save $30)

Premium Bluehost VPS hosting: This premium package offers you 3 CPU cores speed and 120 GB storage and high speed 6GB RAM to speed up your WordPress sites.

Click this link to get Bluehost Premium VPS at just $44.99 (save $45)

Ultimate hosting: As the name implies, this is the ultimate package by Bluehost VPS where you get 4 CPU cores, 240GB storage, 8GB RAM and 4TB bandwidth. This is most suitable if you have a high traffic website.

Click this link to get Bluehost Ultimate VPS at just $59.99 (save $60)

Choose your plan in Bluehost VPS hosting:

Here’s the detailed screenshot of the various pricing packages offered by Bluehost along with the features.


Final verdict about Bluehost VPS review

Over the past few years, website speed is considered as one of the biggest factors that could make or break your website’s success. This is where using a VPS makes your sites super fast.

Just by spending a little more on your monthly hosting, you can grab VPS servers to host your sites that not only make your sites run faster and smoother but also gives you higher rankings as Google gives top priority to faster websites.

So what are you waiting for? Click this link to start your WordPress blog on Bluehost VPS to make it really fast at the most affordable price.

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